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Body Fitness
Fat Reduction
Senior Citizen
Heart Problem
Meditation (for Stress)
'Yogic Shatkarma' gives basic 'kriyas' i.e. exercises, which purify the different systems of the body, and bring it in a state of biological harmony.
Such as Kunjala, Dhauti, Baghee and Basti are the kriyas meant for cleansing and improving the digestive system and help to cure many gastro-intestinal disorders. Jalaneti, Sutraneti, Kapalabhati and Bhastrika clears the nose, throat and upper respiratory passages. Trataka not only improves vision but also helps gain power of concentration and develop tranquility.

As the title suggests, like the water poured in a conch shell which comes out of the other end, in this kriya the water drunk from the mouth passes through the whole of the alimentary canal, stomach, small and big intestines cleansing them, and flows out of the rectum. This kriya is reffered to under 'Wareesara' in Gherandasamhita.


Author :
Dr. Pusplata Garg
(President Yog Sadhna Aashram)


In this process water passes by the spot where the nose begins. This effect the Sinus beneficially and improves eyesight. This exercise is boon to people who habitually suffer from cold. It cures asthma and stops bleeding through nose. Besides, it offers effective treatment for mental disorders and loss of memory. It offers great relief in case of pimples etc which crop up in the nasal passage. It is, moreover, a blessing for those suffering from headaches. This exercise should necessarily follow the Sootra Neti practice.


Sutra Neti is a good means of improving eyesight as of treating cold, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. Obstruction in breathing due to some growth in the nostril or deviated septum is relieved without a surgical operation. Also it cures severe headaches.


Vastradhauti is an important means of treating cough formation according to "Hatha Yoga Pradeepika'. It has proved itself to be an important means of treating asthma and other respiratory ailments. Besides, it is of great use in case of bilious and gastric troubles as well as indigestion, constipation, disorder of the intestines, hoarseness and low fevers.


By practicing YOGA mankind could attain Physical health, Mental peace, Moral progress and Spiritual pleasure.


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