"Dr. Dean Ornish's research shows strong evidence that Yoga, Meditation; Relaxation & Life style can reverse coronary heart disease"

Director, National Heart, Washington

"Dr. Herbert Benson MD of Harvard Mind Body Medicine Institute - Relaxation Techniques of Stress Management is not a third leg to drugs and procedures and is now thoroughly integrated" to modern medicine"

American College of Cardiology
Volume 32, Oct., 2003


"The idea that disease is always a purely physical event is  being rethought in modern medicine"

Dr. Larry Dosey MD. USA


"Health is a complete physical, mental & social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity"

WHO Statement


Yoga is not a belief or philosophy it is in true sense a science which can be practice by anybody irrespective of being Budhist, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim etc


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