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The Ashram is extending its research, development, training and propagational activities through the following schemes:

  1. Training Programmes

  2. Treatment Cum Research Centre

  3. Patient Care Center

  4. Publication work

  5. Seminar/Workshop/Conference

  6. The Ashram is conducting Yoga Classes regularly in mornging and evening for last over 43 years its Centre since 30 years, at its center.

The details are given below :


Ashram is running 3 months and 6 months certificate courses and 1 year diploma course in Yoga recognized by State Government.

The Ashram is also Conducting 90 Working Days Certificate Course on Yoga and Naturopathy Sponsored by Govt. of Rajasthan, with Rajasthan State Livelihoods and Development Corporation (RSLDC) on a very Meagre fees.

Yoga and Naturopathy
All types of diseases are being treated in the Ashram such as Asthma, Diabetes, Gastric Troubles, Heart Ailment, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Tension, Sinus and Mental Disorder through Yog and Naturopathy, except T.B.

Yagya and Meditation
For mental peace and spiritual progress, Ashram regularly organizes meditation classes and Yagya. Yagya purifies surrounding atmosphere and meditation purifies our soul, with the result people get peace.

The research works in the field of mental peace and kidney trouble were successfully carried out in the Ashram. The Ashram has investigated an alternative of Dialysis by washing out of intestines of human body. The research works in the field of Ashram, Heart and Mental ailments are in the progress.

Swami Ji has established a library in which all types of books related to YOG, Health and methods of YOGA are available.

Outdoor patients after filling registration forms could come regularly in the morning and evening classes for treatment and Yoga practice

There are separate wards for male and female. Every patient is being kept from 10 days and 3 months. There is a clinical laboratory in the Ashram for testing blood, urine, stool etc. After testing, Yoga and Naturopathy treatment starts. Ordinary and Deluxe rooms are also available in the Ashram on payment.

Ordinary and Deluxe rooms are available for indoor patients. The expenditure of treatment plus boarding and lodging is 5,000 INR - 15,000 INR. per month.

In Yoga and Naturopathy treatment, pure vegetarian food is served to patients. Juice and fruits are also provided to patients according to their requirement.

Physiotherapy facility is also available in the Ashram where health walker, vibratory belt and roller massager like instruments are there. The women who are suffering from obesity are being benefited.
Homeopathy treatment is provided free of cost in the Ashram


By practicing YOGA mankind could attain Physical health, Mental peace, Moral progress and Spiritual pleasure.


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