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Naturopathy or nature care is the adoption of natures own tools, the five great elements - earth, water. Air, fire & space - to cure the disease that affects the mankind. Nature cure is a system of man building in harmony with constructive principles of nature on physical, mental, moral, and spiritual planes of living.

Naturopathy is virtually a science of healthy living based on principles of nature following different therapies are available:

Physiotherapy is expert in examination and treatment of movement and posture. This expertise is gained by in depth knowledge of how muscles, joints, bones, ligaments and nerves are related to pain and injury.

Physiotherapy is provided to a wide variety of people for a wide variety of reasons. People most in need of physiotherapy are the elderly, who may be suffering from conditions such as arthritis, people who have an injury which has resulted in restricted physical movement, and people suffering from certain health problems such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and headaches. Physiotherapists can also provide information on how to prevent injuries.

Spiritual Therapy
It Includes Yagya, Satsang, Bhagwat Geeta, Pravachan, Prayer which is helpful in giving mental and spiritual peace to the people.

Hydro Therapy
Hydrotherapy uses water to treat the body by stimulating and redirecting the flow of blood and carrying waste products away from the cells. Hydrotherapy has many benefits and one is that it uses water to treat conditions.

Hydrotherapy works by using water to carry heat and cold to the body. Hydrotherapy consists of alternating between applying hot and cold compressions to the body to stimulate blood and lymph. Applying warm or hot water causes arteries and veins to expand, which allows additional blood and lymph to a specific area. It also allows blood and lymph to flow more easily in the veins and arteries. Cold water makes the arteries and veins constrict, pushing blood and lymph away from the area. This transportation provides fresh oxygen and nutrients like protein to remove toxins and waste. There are many ways to benefit from using hydrotherapy. Taking showers, baths, swimming, and applying towels to the area are just a few methods.



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By practicing YOGA mankind could attain Physical health, Mental peace, Moral progress and Spiritual pleasure.


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