Swami Anandanand Ji
(Founder of Yog Sadhna Ashram)

Swami Anandanand was a devotee of Yoga. He was the founder of Yog Sadhna Ashram, which was established in 1969 and which registered with Govt. of Rajasthan on 14th October 1970. the only first registered body and widely acknowledged organization. More than 20,000 patients have taken advantage of Yoga Therapy and Nature Cure in  Ashram.


Swami Anandanand Ji
Yogini Pusplata Garg
P. K. Mathur

A silent Karmayogi and an expert in Hathayoga, Swamiji has been was In charge of Government, Yoga Research Institute in India, viz. Yogic Treatment cum Research Center, Bapunagar, Jaipur (Raj.), where the efficacy of Hathayoga procedures for the cure of chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma and gastric disorders is tested.

The President - Yogini Dr. Pusplata Garg
Yogini Dr. Pushplata Garg MA, PhD 'President' Yog Sadhna Ashram since 1960, She came in contact with Swami ji in her early childhood & took initiation and fully surrendered to the services of Ashram.


Author :
Dr. Pusplata Garg
(President Yog Sadhna Aashram)


She learnt art of yoga consisting of yogasans, pranayam, meditation, visualization & imaginary techniques, affirmations & video mate techniques. 

She learnt special techniques of shatkarma & yogic subtle exercises since 1965. She is teaching & promoting yoga not only in India, but different parts of the world.

She has written many books and most popular some of them are:

Yogini Dr. Pushplata Garg
(President - Yog Sadhna Ashram)

  • Yoga & Cardio Vascular disease, High BP
  • Yoga & Diabetes
  • Yoga & Asthma

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By practicing YOGA mankind could attain Physical health, Mental peace, Moral progress and Spiritual pleasure.


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