1. To establish YOGA CENTERS for the benefit of mankind and acquaint the masses about four Ashrams and stages of life.

    • To teach masses the technique of maintaining their positive health and how to prevent from falling ill. Also appraise people to keep themselves away from hereditary disorders and genetic characteristics.

    • To advise people to adopt measures for the longevity of life in its perfection.

  1. To train student community

    • How to increse power of concentration and scope of thinking and ability

    • How to educate and rehabiliate the socially discard children.

    • How to become disciplinary and co-ordinate

To establish yogic treatment centers to cure chronic diseases like diabetes, Br. Asthma, intestinal disorder, obesity and neurosis.
  1. To Educate Females

    • To live a positive, vigorous and useful life.

    • To give them yoga training for becoming attractive impressive and charming.

    • To teach them to combat against common female troubles.

    • To acquaint them about healthy and natural food, its preparation and utility.

  1. To establish research centers for study Yoga and its psychological effects.

  2. To preach and propagate Indian philosophy - YOGA and ancient Vedic Mantras through lectures, meetings exhibitions and practical seminars for the moral uplift of the society.

  3. To publish books, periodicals, magazines etc. for achievement of the above aims. Also to translate the ancient Vedic literature in easy and simple language of the masses.


By practicing YOGA mankind could attain Physical health, Mental peace, Moral progress and Spiritual pleasure.


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