YOG SADHNA ASHRAM was established in the year 1969, Swami Anandanand Ji was the founder President of Yoga Sadhna Ashram. He was a member of the Central Advisory Board for Central Council of Research in Indian Medicine and Yoga, Govt. of India.

The Aim of Ashram is to preach and propogate ancient Indian heritage "Yoga" inherited from the Rishi  and Munis of India for the physical, mental and spiritual progress of mankind without any discrimination on account of caste, religion and sex.


Yogini Dr. Pusplata Garg, President of Yog Sadhna Ashram is Vice-President of International Naturopathy Organization and also Ex Yog Chikitsa Incharge of Government Yogic Treatment-Cum-Research Center, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur.

Yog Sadhna Ashram is working since last so many years as an independent body and was a supplementary unit of the Yogic Treatment and Research Center, run by Government of Rajasthan. Several learners personally and collectively showed their desire to learn Yoga in Ashram.


YOG SADHNA ASHRAM is a public service organization and a registered institution which runs with the charity of donors. The donation is exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.


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